Zerona Cost and Plan


Zerona Laser: $1,650.00 includes 6 – 40 minute sessions (weighing, measuring and pictures.)

Zerona PLUS: $1,800.00 includes 10 day Liver/Sugar Cleanse and 6 Laser sessions (weighing, measuring and pictures.)


You call Connell Chiropractic. If you just want to do the Zerona simply set an appointment come in, pay and start your 1st of six sessions. Sessions are done once per week because the NIH research determined¬†that the resulting circumference measurements were better than when compared to sessions multiple times per week.¬† Each session is 40 minutes — 20 minutes to laser the areas you want done on the front of your body (waist, hips and thighs) and then 20 minutes to get the areas on the back of your waist, hips and thighs.

With the Zerona PLUS you have a few options. You will receive a nutrient package to clean your liver and sugar from your body. You have the choice to start your 1st Zerona session at the first available appointment and start the cleanse at the same time or you can set your first appointment on the laser after finishing the 10 day cleanse.

Finally, every day, during the 6 week Zerona program, simply drink water, go for a 15 minute walk per day and don’t eat fried fats for the best results possible.

No Surgery, No Risk, No Downtime