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Since he began practicing in 1996 in Lugoff, SC, Dr. Sterling Connell has been steadfastly committed to providing his patients with safe, natural and effective chiropractic care. Connell Chiropractic Clinic has been built from the ground up. In 1999 he started volunteering treating patients at the Kershaw County Community Medical Clinic.

Move More, Whatever Your Age

“My goal is to get people out of pain and then my main goal is to get them back to playing and enjoying life again. One of the things that happens as we live our lives is that we get stiff and sore.  Then we think it’s because we are getting old.  Basically we forget how to play and move our bodies,” says Dr. Connell.

As spinal problems can stop people from enjoying life and engaging in the activities they love, he provides effective chiropractic care.

“I want people to have more vitality and be able to move and play like when they were younger!”

A Noninvasive Drug-Free Approach

Through the power of a chiropractic adjustment, people of all ages can experience better health without having to resort to prescription or over-the-counter medications. Through his years in practice, Dr. Connell is amazed at the body’s ability to heal itself if given a chance. We see patients across the spectrum from a 2-week-old to a 96-year-old!

Pain Relief and More

If you’re new to chiropractic, you may think it’s just for back and neck pain. There’s no doubt about it that chiropractic is effective in relieving these. However, it can do so much more. Chiropractic can address issues like constipation, plantar fasciitis and sinus congestion—conditions you wouldn’t think were related to your spine.

A Memorable Success Story

Every day we are gratified to see patients achieve excellent results.  One success story is of a woman who suffered with unrelenting hip and leg pain causing her to stay out of work and she had difficulty just walking.  As she wasn’t able to get help elsewhere, she was planning to get surgery that was scheduled for about 3 weeks. The woman began care at our practice, and after about 8 visits she recovered completely and was able to walk normally.

Will your miracle story be next? Contact our chiropractic office today to book a same-day appointment! Walks-ins are welcome!